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Meet Tim Asta

Tim is new to practicing law, but he has a decade of experience working with clients and handling highly-visible and complex projects with strict deadlines.

Tim Asta

Professional + Lawyer

Tim Asta is a recent cum laude graduate from the Florida State University College of Law. After graduating from the University of Virginia, he was a graphic and web designer for nearly a decade prior to attending law school. With 10 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, in settings ranging from small business to state government, Tim is qualified in a variety of roles:

Entrepreneur. Advocate. Academic. Negotiator. Collaborator. Leader.

While Tim was a law student, he served on three journals, including the Florida State University Law Review, where he also served on the Online Publication Committee. He graduated with cum laude honors, and earned three Book Awards for Excellence from his professors, including one who was and is a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida.
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Most recently, Tim was a Law Clerk with the Florida Office of the Attorney General, where he researched, analyzed, and drafted documents for civil litigation in state and federal court.
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Tim has a lot to offer prospective employers, with the energy and ambition of a young lawyer, but also the confidence, maturity, and knowledge that only comes from real-world experience. As a tech-savvy, modern professional, his competence, focus, and dedication will be invaluable in the legal profession, taking advantage of both his decade of professional experience and his freshly-minted Juris Doctor.

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Florida State University
College of Law

Juris Doctor | May 2017
cum laude honors
Coursework Focus: Environmental Law, Constitutional Law, Business Law

FSU College of Law:

Florida State University Law Review
Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law
FSU Business Review

University of Virginia
College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Arts | May 2004
Major: Anthropology
National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Educational Awards

Tim earned several awards through his coursework and journal memberships while at FSU College of Law.

Graduation Honors

Juris Doctor with cum laude distinction

Book Award

Florida Constitutional Law
Summer 2015

Book Award

Civil Externship Perspectives
Summer 2016

Book Award

Global Justice
Fall 2016

Law Review

Outstanding Subciter, Spring 2016
Merit Contribution, Spring 2017

Special Areas of Study

Tim pursued a well-rounded legal education, concentrating in a few general areas of particular use and interest:
Environmental Law, Constitutional Law, and Business Law.

Relevant courses and a writing sample for each area of study are listed below.

Environmental Law

Related Classes
  • Environmental Law
  • Climate Change Law
  • Coastal & Ocean Law
  • Energy Law & Policy

Environmental Law
Writing Sample

Environmental Law Writing Sample:

Proposed Mandatory Vehicle Emissions Testing in Florida: Safeguarding Agriculture, Tourism, & Health in the Third Most Populous State

Law Review Note (December 18, 2015)

Constitutional Law

Related Classes
  • Florida Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Corporations & the Constitution
  • Evidence
  • Scientific Evidence

Constitutional Law
Writing Sample

Constitutional Law Writing Sample:

Guardians of the Galaxy of Personal Data: Assessing the Threat of Big Data and Examining Potential Corporate and Governmental Solutions

Corporations & the Constitution - Grade: 93 (May 13, 2016)

Business Law

Related Classes
  • Taxation Law
  • Sales & Leases
  • Global Justice
  • Antitrust Law
  • Intellectual Property

Business Law
Writing Sample

Business Law Writing Sample:

Core Visualization:
A Graphical Model for Understanding International Conflict

Advanced Topics in International Law: Global Justice - Grade: 95 (December 15, 2016)


Legal Experience

Employment in the Legal Field

Florida Office of the Attorney General

Law Clerk | May 2016 – July 2016
Summer Externship
Book Award

At the Florida Office of the Attorney General, Tim worked intimately with Senior Assistant Attorneys General in preparing for and conducting pre-trial motions, depositions, discovery, and representation in court. He received perfect performance reviews and earned the Book Award for outstanding performance in the associated perspectives course.

Learn more about the FSU College of Law Book Award

Florida Justice Technology Center

Legal Aid | March 2017
Pro Bono Legal Work
Plain Language Action & Information Network

The Florida Justice Technology Center is a statewide nonprofit that aims to use technology to increase access to justice. Tim aided this worthy public cause by volunteering his time to help translate complex legal concepts, rules, and practices into plain language. By decoding the legalese surrounding these common encounters with the law, the Center helps Florida citizens gain a greater understanding of the laws that govern them.

Other Experience

Non-legal, Professional Employment in the Public & Private Sectors

Prior to attending law school, Tim Asta was a professional graphic and web designer for nearly a decade.

Tim Asta Designs

Owner, Operator, Lead Designer | Jan. 2009 - Sept. 2013

In the private sector, Tim ran his own business – Tim Asta Designs, where he worked closely with small and large clients to realize their design, marketing, and media presence goals. Clients of Tim Asta Designs ranged from local startups and small businesses to international brands and governmental organizations. Tim pitched, developed, and executed projects of every size, within specific and efficient timelines, budgets, and objectives.

For some of his more recent projects, Tim created a short animated film, The Scientist & the Sample, for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab), which illustrates what scientists do at the world’s largest and highest-powered magnet lab. The animation is available at the bottom of the MagLab’s homepage. Always interested in helping others, Tim teamed up with his younger sister and the Peace Corps to create an online campaign to raise both awareness and funds for improving living and health conditions in rural Guatemala. As lead designer for the National Center for Continuing Education, Tim redesigned the company’s branding, created online and print marketing, and deployed a web and digital presence. When Interface Global - an environmentally-focused company with locations across North America, Europe, and Asia - needed modern infographics to advertise their new green footprint, Tim Asta Designs was there to help.

Tim consistently created completely customized, well-researched, and flawlessly (and humbly) executed designs and campaigns that were effective, flexible, and adaptive. A decade of experience recruiting clients and jobs, researching and developing customized work products, managing multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously, working with diverse teams and interests, and developing professional networks has given Tim invaluable skills that seamlessly translate into the legal field.

Florida Department of Revenue

Senior Wed Designer | Sept. 2013 - Aug. 2014
Led Redesign of Main Website

As Senior Website Designer at the Florida Department of Revenue, Tim led the Information Services Program team in the complete redesign and initial deployment of the department’s website, including the graphic design, coding, and functionality using leading industry software. The new layout and updated graphic treatment was a big step forward for the government agency, and the future-oriented design remains current even years later.

Batt School for International Leadership

Director of Instructional Technology | Nov. 2005 - Jan. 2009
Celebrating Over 25 Years of Education!

Shaping young minds into responsible future leaders, Batt School for International Leadership focuses on small class size, modern and advanced curriculum, and the successful acceleration of highly-motivated and talented students. As Director of Instructional Technology, Tim oversaw the use, maintenance, integration, and instruction of computer and web technology at the school, in addition to developing and managing the school’s branding, marketing, commemorative, and publishing needs.


Windows Software

Expert knowledge of Windows OS, including Windows 10; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Apple Software

Expert knowledge of Apple OS, including macOS Sierra; Apple Pages, Keynote

Design & Coding

Expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, After Effects; HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Legal Research & Writing

Persuasive Writing, Advanced Research, Technical Writing, Data Analysis, Plain Language Writing

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